Real Estate Media


iVue Media’s photographer or drone pilot captures and edits up to 60 photos of a real estate property, house, or lot.


Delivered within 48 hours of capture.

Schedule Anytime.

Select a Photographer or Drone Pilot.

Choose Rooms/Areas to Capture.


Video Tour

iVue Media’s videographer captures and edits a 30 - 180 second video showcasing a house, property, or estate with background music and options to include your logo and contact information for personal branding.


Delivered within 3 to 5 days of capture.

Schedule Anytime.


Photos & Video Tour

For both still photo and video motion content to promote your real estate listing, iVue Media’s photographer and videographer captures and edits a short video and up to 60 photos of different rooms or areas throughout the listing.

Photos Delivery - 48 hours

Video Delivery - 3 to 5 Days

Schedule Anytime.


Virtual Tour

An iVue Media 360° camera operator captures and produces a 360° walkthrough virtual tour.


Delivered within 3 - 5 days of capture.

Schedule Anytime.

Choose Rooms/Areas to Capture.


Virtual Staging

augmented-reality (1).png

Have an empty looking room or space that needs more life? iVue Media will virtually add furniture to a photo of an empty room or outdoor area.


Delivered within 48 hours.

Upload Anytime.