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iVue Construction

Drones iVue 360° | EssayonPM at GSU

Explore this Drones iVue 360° Photo captured each week by a Drones iVue operator for EssayonPM to digitally manage, document, and inspect their worksite construction progress of Georgia State University's new housing building near the heart of Atlanta.

iVue Video | Silvara Stone at SunTrust Park

View how Silvara Stone used a solo iVue Video operator to make an iVue Video to promote their one of a kind Tennessee Crab Orchard Stone inside and outside of the Atlanta Braves' new home, SunTrust Park.

Drones iVue 2D Map | MSI Positioning Systems at St. James Methodist Church

In use with a traditional survey, MSI Positioning Systems used a Drones iVue operator to produce a 2D Map with greater than 3cm accuracy achieved throughout the entire surveyed site for virtually taking measurements of the parking lot and roof. Light poles, fire hydrants, and ground control points were also identified on the map for future development planning.