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iVue Media LLC, a subsidiary of Drones iVue LLC

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The iVue Media Difference:

Before iVue Media, an individual or organization had two choices to have their own media produced. The first choice was to produce the media themselves, which costs too much time and money in equipment expenses, training costs, and learning the trade. The other option was to have a media agency with monthly retainer fees and high production costs to staff camera crews year round.


Now with the growing consumer demand of high quality media, iVue Media makes it convenient and affordable for individuals, businesses, and organizations around Atlanta to produce high quality media of their own using our network of local videographers, photographers, and drone pilots alongside our in-house production, editing, and processing operations.

The iVue Media Operators:

Our team of iVue Media Operators are professional creatives

with a passion for capturing the moment and creating 

high quality video productions, audio recordings, aerial

imagery, and 360° 3D VR content. 


iVue Media Operators are available as a solo, duo, or multi-

operator crew to capture the requested type of media content

at nearly any budget for both the biggest and smallest of media

productions using anything from a single iVue Photo Operator to

a multi-operator crew of iVue Photo, iVue Video, iVue Production,

iVue 360°, and Drones iVue operators. 

The Drones iVue Media Operators:

Drones iVue Media Operators are certified FAA "Part 107" drone pilots available as individual operator or multi-operator flight crews to conduct commercial drone services including inspection and progression photography, 2D mapping, photogrammetric 3D modeling, thermal scanning, and NVDI crop monitoring frpm a Drones iVue day or night due to our operator training, guidelines, and

FAA "107.29 Daylight Operations Waiver". Drones iVue Media Operators may also conduct operations day or night in regulated airspace around the Atlanta area using Drones iVue LLC's granted FAA airspace authorizations.